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Rooms & Suites

We offer a wonderful mix of 50 Chalet , Deluxe , Superior Rooms, 2-Bedrooms Penthouse Suites and 10 bedded Hostels , Twin Share Cabins. A Spa House and our latest additions, affectionally called Dungeons which provide a unique haven for guests.

All rooms are fully air-conditioned with ensuite bathrooms with full amenities.

Our luxurious 3-Bedroom Beach House comes with full Kitchen facilities for up to 12 guests. You can BBQ seafood bought fresh off a fisherman's boat, in your own  private deck

RETREAT2 @ Serapi, Matang

RETREAT @ Lundu, Siar Beach

Chalet Room

Deluxe Room

Superior Room

Penthouse Suites

Beach House


SPA House


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